Martina's Images: Blog en-us (C) Martina's Images (Martina's Images) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Martina's Images: Blog 120 78 Sisters Carly and Olivia Studio Photo Shoot When it gets just too hot out there I like to shoot in the studio.  It's nice and cool, I can shoot anytime of the day, and it is right in my house....what's not to like ;-)  My latest studio shoot was with sisters, Carly and Olivia.  Check out these beautiful ladies!  


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Personal Branding Photography at Haggard Home Kitchen and Bath Design One of my recent personal branding photoshoots was at Haggard Home Kitchen & Bath Design Studio.  April, the owner, wanted location head shots, a team photo, some candid shots, and a few photos of her showroom.  I spent about an hour and a half on location and I immediately noticed the passion this team of designers have for their work.  With over 50 years of experience they have quite a diverse background in interior design and construction.  

Meet this awesome team




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An Extra Fun Senior Session A few weeks ago I photographed Genevieve Dumas for her Senior photos.  Genevieve wanted a few studio shots as well as location shots.  So we spent some time inside the studio where she felt right at home!  Lots of wardrobe changes made for a fun hour in the studio, and posing seemed to come easy for this lovely and smart senior.  

After the studio session we headed to Garrard Landing park for her location shoot.  We walked around the park's beautiful locations and I was able to capture Genevieve's playful spirit. 




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Sarah, Josh and an Orange Truck = Engagement Photoshoot One of my favorite shoots this year was the engagement session with Sarah and Josh.  I have known Josh since he was just three years old.  His mom and I served in the military together many moons ago.

I felt honored when they asked me to take their engagement portraits.  These two were a true joy to photograph!  They giggled, laughed, had a great time and were sooooo in love....a photographer's dream!!!  

I loved seeing their love and devotion to each other.  All the best to Josh and Sarah and I look forward to photographing their wedding :-)  


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Promoting your Listing with Photo/ Video/Drone and Twilight ;-) Sometimes you get that listing where you just have to pull out all the bells and whistles.  A luxury property deserves the marketing that shows the property in the best light and from the most attractive angles. 

Here are just a few examples from some of my past shoots that showcase how aerial photography, video, and twilight can take your real estate marketing to the next level.  


Video is a great way to showcase the entire property. Video grabs the viewers attention and can really tell a story about the property. With a drone we can capture every angle of the home from the sky.  It is a great marketing tool to showcase large properties.  In the below example video I edited the drone video footage to highlight the exterior of the property and used a few interior still images to give the viewer an idea of what the interior looks like.  Incorporating interior still images is an option if the the lighting in the interior is not optimal for video, or if interior video is not in the budget.  

Aerial Photography 

Aerial photography will give a unique perspective of the property and is sure to grab the viewers attention. It can showcase the entire property including the pool, landscaping, or ancillary structures such as barns or detached garages that aren't close to the main house.  It's particularly valuable if the property is near a park, lake, recreation area, or within walking distance to community centers or shopping areas.

Aerial photography, like aerial video, captures attention more readily and stands out more on social media. Millennials will likely be your next main clients and they are more in tune to unique perspectives and quality photography.  

With aerial photography you will make a great impression to other prospective sellers. Your listing will likely stand out from the rest of the competition.  Remember that neighbors of the seller will likely see the listing and be impressed on how much effort you put into the marketing, and will choose you as their real estate agent when the time comes.  In fact, the most successful real estate agents I shoot for use aerial photography frequently, and they garner multiple listings in the same neighborhood.  


A twilight photo is usually taken of the exterior of the property at dusk.  They are more likely to grab the attention of potential buyers when they are searching for properties.  

Twilight photography is great to highlight a beautiful pool or backyard.  You can really showcase the lighting or outdoor fireplace. Give the potential buyer a feel for what it would be like to enjoy the pool or outdoor living space in the early evening.  

I would love to help you showcase your listing and take your marketing to the next level. Call me at 404.416.9432 or place you order HERE

Yours Truly, 

Martina's Images 







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Family Photography at Gararrd Landing Park in Roswell GA The Picquet family won a complementary 30-minute family photo session with Martina's Images during a recent book launch for authors Mary Becker and Donna Anello.  After I consulted with the family we decided to have our photo session at Garrard Landing Park. 

This family truly deserve the title of "Best Sports".  It was a cold and rainy session,  but that did not deter this family from going through with the session AND having a great time!  We literally had 20 minutes before the rain started and despite a chilling 35 degrees the family was all smiles!  I absolutely loved them.  So glad I got to know and photograph this awesome family!!  


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Personal Branding Photography Can Grow Your Business!  Learn how to effectively use authentic photography to grow your business 

My client highlighted here is Jennifer Heal, a financial adviser with Edward Jones.  We spent an afternoon photographing Jennifer and her team so she will have a collection of personal branding photography she can draw from.  We hired make up artist Nazia Raja to ensure a professional and polished look.  To check out more of Nazia's work follow her on FB HERE or on Instagram at Makeup by Nazia Raja. 

We all make many of our purchase decisions based on first impressions. So your branding is important to influence the way potential customers think about you and your business, and the products or services you offer. We like to do business with people we know, like, and trust.  Therefore, personal branding photography can help you grow your business. Face it, your future clients will likely meet you first on the internet such as your website or social media. 

  Let's take a look at how to best use your personal branding photography.  

Your Website

Your "about me" page is an excellent place to start, at a minimum your about page should have a great head shot of you! Then use your personal branding photography throughout your website to show off your products.  Show yourself in your place of work. Show your clients what you look like in action.   Remember the "know ,like and trust" motto.  When consumers see you throughout your website they already establish a relationship with you before you ever shake their hands in person.   People want to know you are a real person.  

Social Media 

Use your photographs on your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook business page, Instagram posts, Twitter etc.  Posts that include pictures of you receive more engagement and "likes".  Refresh your profile picture every so often.  Use your branding photography on your FB cover page.  Do you have a message you want to get across on social media? Add a professional photo of you or your product with the message.  Messages with photos get more attention and results.  

Blogs and Newsletters

Make sure you also include them in your newsletter and blogs.  You may be a master wordsmith, but people are more attracted to visuals than just text.  Break up the text with professional photography of you and your business.   

Professional Presentations 

When you are invited to a speaking engagement include professional photos of you, your team, and your brand in you presentation.  People are visual by nature and you are more likely to capture their attention with visuals than just text.  If someone wants to feature you make sure you provide them with current professional photos of you.  

These are just a few examples on how to use personal branding photography.  The bottom line is that having a collection of great photos of you and your brand is worth its weight in gold!  So go ahead and get you and your personal brand out there.  

If you are ready to create your own personal branding photography call me to schedule your session with me.


Yours truly, 

Martina's Images ;-) 

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Holiday Home Tour Roswell, GA - 2018 This year I had the honor of photographing the wonderful homes of the Roswell Holiday Home Tour for North Fulton Family Life Magazine.  The Holiday Home Tour was expertly organized by the Roswell Woman's Club.  The president, Laura Jones, took the time to escort me to all the wonderfully decorated homes.  I want to take this opportunity to highlight the homes and some of the volunteers of the Roswell Woman's Club.  You will see the work of the following designers in some of the photography:  Carithers Flowers, Devin Taylor Designs, ellie alexandria Tablescapes, Urban Farmhouse, Black Dog Interiors, Envy Home Staging and Design, 13 Hub Lane, Linen and Flax Home, Melanie Serra - Interior Revivals, and Steel & Cotton Ltd. 

To find out more about the Roswell Woman's Club visit their website at Roswell Woman's Club 

You can read the Family Life Publication at Family Life Publications


 Enjoy the photographs and maybe you will get some inspiration on how to decorate your home for the this season.  

Click HERE to enjoy the entire gallery 

All Images are the copyright of Martina's Images




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Roswell GA Family Photography Meet the Wells Family! 

When Laura asked me to photograph her family portraits I was super excited!  First of all, the shoot involved teenagers, and second, they decided on more of an urban look.  My last few shoots involved little ones and were done in a park. Not that I don't love those, but this was a nice change of pace. Since Laura and her family are Roswell residents we decided to shoot around the Roswell Square area.  It was a great atmosphere with the older buildings, brick sidewalks, and glass storefronts, and it gives a very unique look to the photos.  It was also cool that their family dog Peanut was part of the shoot.  We had a lot of fun trying to get Peanut to look at the camera. 





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Family Photography at Gararrd Landing Park in Roswell GA Lets Get Out And Hit The Parks!   

I don't know about you, but I am ready for the Fall!  Lets take advantage of the beautiful fall scenery and fresh crisp air to get your family photos done!  

 I started out my family portraiture season with this gorgeous family at Garrard Landing Park in Roswell GA!  Dad gave this photo session to Mom as a Mother's day gift.  What a fantastic idea!  The minute I met their three girls I was in LOVE!!  (Scroll down through the photos and you'll know what I mean ;-) Besides the fact that they are super cute, they were also full of personality, had spunk, and were up for a fun time.  I could have photographed them for hours!!

 We met on a Thursday late afternoon at the park.  It was still a hot (95 degree) kind of evening, but despite the heat the girls were ready and excited for the photo session.  Mom did a terrific job making sure that the wardrobe was just perfectly color coordinated, the girls were excited and even Dad was all in!  What more can one ask for.  I was one happy Photographer!  

If you are up for a family photo session call me at 404.416.9432







Call now to schedule your Family Portrait session with me 404.416.9432 






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Mother / Daughter Portraiture Mother Daughter Love 

The love between a mother and daughter is a special kind of love, and I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to photography Tracy and Lana and capture their bond.  I had so much fun watching and photographing their interaction.

Before we started our photo session Tracy and Lana treated themselves to a little make over by make-up artist Nazia Raja.  Then it was off to wardrobe for the dresses that we had selected for the shoot.  After that the fun started: posing, hugging, prop changes, more posing, with snack and pinball breaks as necessary.

Overall - a great afternoon with a beautiful Mom and daughter.

If you are up for a fun mother/daughter session call me at 404.416.9432.  

To check out more of Nazia's work follow her on FB HERE or on Instagram at Makeup By Nazia Raja.  







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Consider Aerial Photography For Your Next Real Estate Listing Have you considered adding aerial (drone) photographs to your listings?  Aerial photographs are a great way of showcasing properties with pools, fountains or ponds, and expansive patios or outdoor living spaces.  They are also excellent for homes on large lots of more than one acre. The aerials are able to give the potential buyer a great image of the entire property that sometimes just can't be captured from a view on the ground, and, they can make quite an impression when taken from the right angle.  They are the kind of photograph that only a few years ago were reserved for multi-million dollar properties where hiring a helicopter was justified.  Today a drone can capture the same image at a fraction of the cost.  

Martina's Images has a FAA certified drone pilot on it's staff.  Let us help you make your listings stand out from the rest.  Call us at 404.416.9432 


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3 Easy Tips To Get The Real Estate Photos You Want So you got the listing and now you need to have it photographed (professionally!! because you know better ;-)  

Here are some tips on how to get the photos you want :  

1.  See the photographer's work.  Every professional photographer has a portfolio to show.  Make sure you see examples of real estate photography.   A wedding photographer may take stunning wedding photos but may not have the equipment or experience to photograph real estate.  I have been asked many times by friends and family to shoot a wedding and I always caution them and recommend hiring a professional wedding photographer.  

2. Set realistic expectations.  

Discuss with your photographer your expectations.  Hopefully you select a photographer with a portfolio that meets your expectations, but it is still a good idea to talk about certain things before hand.  For example, do you prefer the lights on or off?  Do you like wide angle shots or closer detail shots?  Most of my clients leave that decision to me, but I prefer that we are both on the same page creatively.  Once you have found the photographer who meets you expectations you are bound to develop a long term professional relationship where you work together as a team.  

3.  Prepare your clients and their home. 

Besides selecting a professional photographer this is probably the single most important thing you can do for your client.  Once the photographer arrives the home should be ready to shoot.  The photographer will concentrate on lighting the home and proper composition to show the flow of  the home. For example, if things are being moved around from one room to another while I shoot, my ability to capture the flow of the room may suffer and you will be disappointed.  Of course I will move a (light ;-) chair or trash can if they get in the way of my composition.  A stager is a great option to ensure the home is ready.  I have a PREP list that can be send to the homeowners ahead of time.  

I hope these 3 simple tips will help you showcase your listing that you worked so hard on getting.  

Take a look at my always improving portfolio and see if you would like to work with me.  Call me at 404.416.9432.  



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Let's Make a Portrait ! GIRLS , GIRLS, GIRLS !  

Lets get back in front of the real camera and make some beautiful portraits ;-)  One that you can actually print life size (if you want too ;-) and gift to your loved ones or treasure all for yourself.  

Dig out your favorite gown, dress, etc (or buy a new one ;-), we'll get a make up artist into the studio to get you camera ready and the fun begins.  Bring a friend or sister for a fun day in the studio.  Then schedule a hot date or fun girls nite out after the shoot, because you will already look and feel fabulous!! 


Contact me HERE or call me at 404.416.9432 





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Why do you need a real estate photographer? Why do you need a professional real estate photographer?  

It's a fair question, given that today's homes are moving fast and real estate agents can save themselves a few hundred dollars by taking their own photos.  

Today's buyers are used to scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms and seeing high quality images. They follow their favorite Instagramer or blogger and are presented with quality photographs.  They are much more in tune to what a great image is supposed to look like.  They are also used to shopping online.  They purchase clothes, furniture, electronics, appliances, and even cars by viewing photographs and descriptions, and often never seeing the items first hand.  Although I'm sure purchasing a home site unseen is still a rarity, the process of weeding out the market and narrowing it down to 2 or 3 finalists is often done completely online.

When a potential buyer goes to their local MLS, agent's website or homebuyer app they need to be impressed by the photographs. They will quickly scroll by the poorly represented home or bad image.  And, just like on FB or Instagram a great image will catch their attention.  You may never get the chance to "sell" your listing to potential buyers if the photographs and online presentation don't measure up and get them to the front door.

So your photos have to look amazing to grab their attention.  A professional photographer has the eye, the camera equipment, and editing software to make your listing stand out.

However, not every photographer is the same.  For example, a great wedding photographer is not necessarily a great real estate photographer.  When you hire a photographer you want to make sure they have experience in real estate photography.  Interview your photographer and ask the following questions: 

- Can I view your portfolio? (make sure it contains quality real-state photos) 

- What equipment do you use? (A TRIPOD is a MUST for every real estate photographer, along with a wide angle lens and a DSLR camera) 

- What is your post production process? ( No professional photo is just "spit" out of the camera.  Professional editing software such as Lightroom and PhotoShop are a must in order to correct verticals and color casts).  

These are three of the most important questions you can ask to make sure you are hiring a professional real estate photographer.  Of course photo delivery, likability, reliability, punctuality, and customer relationship are all very important as well.

Once you find a real estate photographer you like, establish a professional relationship and they will become part of your marketing team.  

Visit my real estate portfolio HERE and lets talk about how I can help you make your listing stand out from the rest.  






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Where Have You Been Hiding... Personal branding photography is imperative in today's online marketing. Let me help you put yourself out there with photos that show what it feels like to be working with you.  
















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Authentic Photography Is So Important For Your Brand In today's world of internet marketing a great personal brand and authentic quality photography are more important then ever.  Your business website should tell your story with you and the service you provide in authentic photography.  Read below how to achieve this and how I can help you with your photography.  

Introduce yourself on your website

Before you ever meet your next potential client in person they will already have checked you out on your website, LinkedIN or any other social media platform. Having a professional head shot or portrait of you on your website is an excellent way to to connect with your potential client before you ever meet them.  

Show what you do

Show photos of the product you sell, the service you provide, or you and your employees interacting with clients.  Avoid stock images!  Sure, they are cheap and easily available, BUT they almost never connect with your branding.  

Use a professional photographer

Quality photography becomes increasingly important as every business or brand creates content on the web.  You have a split second to make an impression before the consumer hits the "next" button. Don't miss out on selling your product/service by using poor quality photography.  A professional photographer has the trained eye and professional equipment to put and your products in the best light. 

How I will work with you

Creating the images you want is a team effort.  You and I will work together as a team to capture the essence of your brand.  

We will first meet to get to know each other.  I will ask you to tell me about your business and what story you want to tell.  

We will then start building a mood board or inspiration folder by collecting different types of marketing photos that are out there to see what you are attracted to.  

We will build a shot list so we will stay focused and consistent throughout the photoshoot.  

Finally the fun begins... the day of the photoshoot ;-)  I will take plenty of time on location or in the studio to make sure we capture you and your business in the best light. You will also have plenty of photos to choose from that will then be professionally re-touched and made available to you in web and print quality photos.  

Give me a call at 404.416.9432 to talk more about your next photo shoot.   





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Picture Perfect Exterior... Tips From a Professional Photographer

What is the first thing a potential buyer will see on the mls?  You guessed it, THE EXTERIOR. 

Here are some tips on making sure the exterior of your home is ready for your professional photographer.  

- Remove all cars, boats, motorcycles etc from driveways and do not park in front of the house.

- Move garbage cans and put out of sight.

- Remove all garden tools, hoses and clutter.

- Pick up after your pet.

-  Mow your grass, rake up leaves and debris

-  If you are feeling ambitious plant some fresh flowers.

-  Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios.

Call me for your professional interior or exterior architectural photography.  


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A Picture Perfect Kitchen by Martina's Images  












Selling your home?  The kitchen is the heart of the home and your best selling feature.  Take a little time to get your kitchen ready for the professional photographer.  

Here are some tips:  

- Remove all photos and magnets from the refrigerator.  

- Clean the countertops and floors.  

- Remove small appliances from the countertops, only leave one or two items (i.e coffeemaker) 

- Add a pretty bouquet of flowers or a pretty bowl with fresh looking fruit. 

- Tell a little story by including simple place settings on kitchen table or breakfast bar. 

- Hide dish soaps and sponges from the sink area. 

- Put away garbage bins, brooms, mops and cleaning products. 

- Remove small floor mats.  The kitchen looks best without the mats to show off your beautiful tile or hardwood floor. 

- De-clutter the kitchen, show space, you are selling the space and not your stuff .

Most importantly leave space for your photographer to stand ;-) 

Call me for professional interior and exterior architectural photography.  

© Martina's Images





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Why you need a Professional Head Shot Why You Need a Professional Head Shot.  

Whether you like it or not people base their first impression on appearance. Don't believe it?  Check out this article by Eric Wargo of the Association of Psychological Sciences on first impressions: How Many Seconds to a First Impression.    

In today's world of technology and social media that means your potential clients get their first impression of you from your professional headshot photo on your website, LinkedIn or any other professional social media site.  Don't let your experience and the professional knowledge you bring to your field be jeopardized by a poor headshot.  

So what makes a great head shot?   Think confidence and approachability.  According to New York Head Shot Guru Peter Hurley, a look of confidence and approachability is the key to a great head shot.  Think about it, who would like to do business with someone who looks nervous and unsure of themselves?  

So how do you get the look?  

The key is to hire a professional photographer!  Forget about your friend who has a great camera, or your over filtered instagram selfie with a not so professional background. 

It is the responsibility of the photographer to get a great expression out of you. Granted you need to be a willing participant, but a professional photographer will be able to coach you and get the look of confidence and approachability.

Sure, a studio lighting set up can be intimidating specially three feet from you face ;-)  but a professional photographer will be able to put you at ease.   

Look at the photographers work.  Every professional photographer will have a website with their portfolio.  All photographs should be well lit and properly composed, but also look at the facial expressions.  Do the subjects look confident and approachable?  

Meet with your photographer and discuss what look you are going for. Do you want outdoor or indoor shots? Determine if you feel comfortable with the photographer.  You and the photographer will spent some time together trying to capture your look with the click of a button.  Any photographer who is not willing to sit down with you for a few minutes is not one you should hire.  


Once you selected a photographer you trust it is up to you to get ready for the shoot.  Here are a few tips on how to get ready for your head shot.  

- Put a little time and effort into your appearance.  

- Make up should be clean and natural.  If you are not that good at applying make-up consider a professional make-up artist.  

- Your clothes should be neatly pressed and fit well.  

- Avoid busy patterns and large lines/stripes.  Choose something with flattering colors.  You probably already know what looks good on you.  

- Stick with darker colors instead of lighter colors, because the darker or mid-tone colors tend to put more emphasis on your eyes and smile, instead of the clothing.

- You may consider selecting a color that can help bring out the colors in your eyes.  For  example, for blue eyes consider consider a blue or grey top.  For brown or green eyes earthy tones can be very complementary.  

- Select an outfit that represents you best in your profession.  

Most important:  Don't think too hard about your headshot!  Have fun with it and let your photographer put you in the best light and bring out the best in you.    

 Hope to see you soon ;-) 

Martina's Images                                                                                                              


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Getting your Home Ready for the Photographer When you have your house photographed both exterior and interior should look it’s best. The most important thing to remember in real estate photography is that LESS IS MORE.  Your home might look nice with your decorative items, but it may not photograph well.  You want the potential client view the photos on-line and imagine themselves in their new home and not look at photos of your life.  In short: DE-CLUTTER :-)  Below are some tips on how to prepare your clients home to look its best.  To order your real estate photography session and virtual tour with me call me at 404-416-9432.  I will take the time to make your listing photos look its best.  

Home Exterior 

  • Remove all cars, boats, motorcycles etc from driveways and do not park in front of the house.
  • Move garbage cans and put out of sight.
  • Remove all garden tools, hoses and clutter.
  • Pick up after your pet.
  • Mow your grass, rake up leaves and debris
  • If you are feeling ambitious plant some fresh flowers.
  • Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios. 




  • Remove all photos and magnets from the refrigerator.
  • Remove all small appliance from the countertops, only leave one or two items (i.e Coffeemaker).
  • Add a pretty bouquet of flower or a pretty bowl with fresh looking fruit.
  • Hide dish soap and sponges etc from the sink area. 
  • Put away garbage bins, brooms, mops and cleaning products.
  • Remove small floor mats.  Kitchens look best without the mats to show off your beautiful tile or hardwood floors. 


Living Room 

  • Hide all newspapers and magazines.  It is ok to leave one magazine neatly on the coffee table for decorative purpose.
  • Conceal as many electrical cords as possible. 
  • Tuck away the remote controls in a drawer to get them out of sight.
  • Open all curtains and blinds.  You want your home to look bright and inviting not dark and gloomy.
  • A FEW framed family photos are ok, but don’t overdo it. 
  • If you have a fireplace light it, it makes to home look cosy. 

Dining Room 

  • A simple centrepiece for the table is great.  If you want, you can set the table with your good dishes as if you were having a dinner party. 
  • Hide all children’s high chairs and booster seats. 
  • If you have a china cabinet make sure things are straight and tidy inside.


  • Clear away clothes, shoes and laundry baskets.
  • Remove books, tissue boxes and jewellery from the bedside table.
  • Remove portable fans, heaters and trash bins.
  • Remove excess toys and posters.



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