Authentic Photography Is So Important For Your Brand

November 30, 2017

In today's world of internet marketing a great personal brand and authentic quality photography are more important then ever.  Your business website should tell your story with you and the service you provide in authentic photography.  Read below how to achieve this and how I can help you with your photography.  

Introduce yourself on your website

Before you ever meet your next potential client in person they will already have checked you out on your website, LinkedIN or any other social media platform. Having a professional head shot or portrait of you on your website is an excellent way to to connect with your potential client before you ever meet them.  

Show what you do

Show photos of the product you sell, the service you provide, or you and your employees interacting with clients.  Avoid stock images!  Sure, they are cheap and easily available, BUT they almost never connect with your branding.  

Use a professional photographer

Quality photography becomes increasingly important as every business or brand creates content on the web.  You have a split second to make an impression before the consumer hits the "next" button. Don't miss out on selling your product/service by using poor quality photography.  A professional photographer has the trained eye and professional equipment to put and your products in the best light. 

How I will work with you

Creating the images you want is a team effort.  You and I will work together as a team to capture the essence of your brand.  

We will first meet to get to know each other.  I will ask you to tell me about your business and what story you want to tell.  

We will then start building a mood board or inspiration folder by collecting different types of marketing photos that are out there to see what you are attracted to.  

We will build a shot list so we will stay focused and consistent throughout the photoshoot.  

Finally the fun begins... the day of the photoshoot ;-)  I will take plenty of time on location or in the studio to make sure we capture you and your business in the best light. You will also have plenty of photos to choose from that will then be professionally re-touched and made available to you in web and print quality photos.  

Give me a call at 404.416.9432 to talk more about your next photo shoot.