A Picture Perfect Kitchen by Martina's Images

September 04, 2017













Selling your home?  The kitchen is the heart of the home and your best selling feature.  Take a little time to get your kitchen ready for the professional photographer.  

Here are some tips:  

- Remove all photos and magnets from the refrigerator.  

- Clean the countertops and floors.  

- Remove small appliances from the countertops, only leave one or two items (i.e coffeemaker) 

- Add a pretty bouquet of flowers or a pretty bowl with fresh looking fruit. 

- Tell a little story by including simple place settings on kitchen table or breakfast bar. 

- Hide dish soaps and sponges from the sink area. 

- Put away garbage bins, brooms, mops and cleaning products. 

- Remove small floor mats.  The kitchen looks best without the mats to show off your beautiful tile or hardwood floor. 

- De-clutter the kitchen, show space, you are selling the space and not your stuff .

Most importantly leave space for your photographer to stand ;-) 

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