Personal Branding Photography Can Grow Your Business!

December 11, 2018

 Learn how to effectively use authentic photography to grow your business 

My client highlighted here is Jennifer Heal, a financial adviser with Edward Jones.  We spent an afternoon photographing Jennifer and her team so she will have a collection of personal branding photography she can draw from.  We hired make up artist Nazia Raja to ensure a professional and polished look.  To check out more of Nazia's work follow her on FB HERE or on Instagram at Makeup by Nazia Raja. 

We all make many of our purchase decisions based on first impressions. So your branding is important to influence the way potential customers think about you and your business, and the products or services you offer. We like to do business with people we know, like, and trust.  Therefore, personal branding photography can help you grow your business. Face it, your future clients will likely meet you first on the internet such as your website or social media. 

  Let's take a look at how to best use your personal branding photography.  

Your Website

Your "about me" page is an excellent place to start, at a minimum your about page should have a great head shot of you! Then use your personal branding photography throughout your website to show off your products.  Show yourself in your place of work. Show your clients what you look like in action.   Remember the "know ,like and trust" motto.  When consumers see you throughout your website they already establish a relationship with you before you ever shake their hands in person.   People want to know you are a real person.  

Social Media 

Use your photographs on your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook business page, Instagram posts, Twitter etc.  Posts that include pictures of you receive more engagement and "likes".  Refresh your profile picture every so often.  Use your branding photography on your FB cover page.  Do you have a message you want to get across on social media? Add a professional photo of you or your product with the message.  Messages with photos get more attention and results.  

Blogs and Newsletters

Make sure you also include them in your newsletter and blogs.  You may be a master wordsmith, but people are more attracted to visuals than just text.  Break up the text with professional photography of you and your business.   

Professional Presentations 

When you are invited to a speaking engagement include professional photos of you, your team, and your brand in you presentation.  People are visual by nature and you are more likely to capture their attention with visuals than just text.  If someone wants to feature you make sure you provide them with current professional photos of you.  

These are just a few examples on how to use personal branding photography.  The bottom line is that having a collection of great photos of you and your brand is worth its weight in gold!  So go ahead and get you and your personal brand out there.  

If you are ready to create your own personal branding photography call me to schedule your session with me.


Yours truly, 

Martina's Images ;-)