Why do you need a real estate photographer?

April 02, 2018

Why do you need a professional real estate photographer?  

It's a fair question, given that today's homes are moving fast and real estate agents can save themselves a few hundred dollars by taking their own photos.  

Today's buyers are used to scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms and seeing high quality images. They follow their favorite Instagramer or blogger and are presented with quality photographs.  They are much more in tune to what a great image is supposed to look like.  They are also used to shopping online.  They purchase clothes, furniture, electronics, appliances, and even cars by viewing photographs and descriptions, and often never seeing the items first hand.  Although I'm sure purchasing a home site unseen is still a rarity, the process of weeding out the market and narrowing it down to 2 or 3 finalists is often done completely online.

When a potential buyer goes to their local MLS, agent's website or homebuyer app they need to be impressed by the photographs. They will quickly scroll by the poorly represented home or bad image.  And, just like on FB or Instagram a great image will catch their attention.  You may never get the chance to "sell" your listing to potential buyers if the photographs and online presentation don't measure up and get them to the front door.

So your photos have to look amazing to grab their attention.  A professional photographer has the eye, the camera equipment, and editing software to make your listing stand out.

However, not every photographer is the same.  For example, a great wedding photographer is not necessarily a great real estate photographer.  When you hire a photographer you want to make sure they have experience in real estate photography.  Interview your photographer and ask the following questions: 

- Can I view your portfolio? (make sure it contains quality real-state photos) 

- What equipment do you use? (A TRIPOD is a MUST for every real estate photographer, along with a wide angle lens and a DSLR camera) 

- What is your post production process? ( No professional photo is just "spit" out of the camera.  Professional editing software such as Lightroom and PhotoShop are a must in order to correct verticals and color casts).  

These are three of the most important questions you can ask to make sure you are hiring a professional real estate photographer.  Of course photo delivery, likability, reliability, punctuality, and customer relationship are all very important as well.

Once you find a real estate photographer you like, establish a professional relationship and they will become part of your marketing team.  

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