Consider Aerial Photography For Your Next Real Estate Listing

August 01, 2018

Have you considered adding aerial (drone) photographs to your listings?  Aerial photographs are a great way of showcasing properties with pools, fountains or ponds, and expansive patios or outdoor living spaces.  They are also excellent for homes on large lots of more than one acre. The aerials are able to give the potential buyer a great image of the entire property that sometimes just can't be captured from a view on the ground, and, they can make quite an impression when taken from the right angle.  They are the kind of photograph that only a few years ago were reserved for multi-million dollar properties where hiring a helicopter was justified.  Today a drone can capture the same image at a fraction of the cost.  

Martina's Images has a FAA certified drone pilot on it's staff.  Let us help you make your listings stand out from the rest.  Call us at 404.416.9432