Mother / Daughter Portraiture

August 31, 2018

Mother Daughter Love 

The love between a mother and daughter is a special kind of love, and I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to photography Tracy and Lana and capture their bond.  I had so much fun watching and photographing their interaction.

Before we started our photo session Tracy and Lana treated themselves to a little make over by make-up artist Nazia Raja.  Then it was off to wardrobe for the dresses that we had selected for the shoot.  After that the fun started: posing, hugging, prop changes, more posing, with snack and pinball breaks as necessary.

Overall - a great afternoon with a beautiful Mom and daughter.

If you are up for a fun mother/daughter session call me at 404.416.9432.  

To check out more of Nazia's work follow her on FB HERE or on Instagram at Makeup By Nazia Raja.